Black Lives Matter

Let us be clear, Black lives matter. Black Lives Matter is not just a moment, it’s a movement. America is overdue in reconciling with its racist past and racist present, and it is imperative that we collectively work to create a more equitable future for Black Americans. Starting Now.

Dismantling systemic racism begins in the justice system but extends to every single system and space in American life. Comedy is no exception—stand up, improv, and sketch writing communities have long been white and male-dominated environments that have contributed to a culture of hostility to Black comedians and other people of color, most especially women.

No More!

Stand Up! Girls is committed to educating, inspiring, and equipping girls from underserved communities with the communication skills necessary to succeed in and lead male-dominated workplaces—be it a courtroom, operating room, boardroom, or anywhere else.

We pledge to make sure that every Black girl feels seen, heard, and valued at Stand Up! Girls.